Why are we doing this?

In KN we strongly believe that a company should not have a negative impact on the environment. Going into the fashion industry we also knew that this was not going to be easy, the textile industry isn't really good for our climate and taking a toll on our planet. So, we now want to try making a positive contribution to the planet involving our customers in the process, that is why we will plant one tree with every purchased item at our store,
so that we can start reforesting the planet together!

What is Tree-Nation?

We have partnered up with Tree-Nation, an organization dedicated to fighting climate change and reforesting the world. Tree-Nation facilitates tree planting projects all around the world. Their main focus is on the tropic region, since trees grow much faster there, thus capturing CO2 much faster – and we hope you agree that we are in a hurry to make a difference! Another reason for Tree-Nations choice of the tropic regions is that these areas are suffering from heavy deforestation and therefore 85% of our terrestrial biodiversity is threatened, with many species on the brink of extinction. We would like to help them change this. Tree-Nation has made the experience of planting a tree super easy and user-friendly so that more and more people will make a difference and reforest the world. With four major projects in Nicaragua, Colombia, Niger and Madagascar, and with over 110.000 people and 1.000 companies engaged, we believe this organisation can make a meaningful impact on a global scale.

How does it works?

When you have placed an order on our website you will first receive a confirmation email from us with details on your order. A little later you will receive a separate email from Tree-Nation with the title KN Kati Niemi offered you a tree on Tree-Nation' – should you not receive this in your inbox within one hour, please check your spam filter or under promotions etc. Please open this email to get to the Tree-Nation webpage where you can now virtually plant your own tree in the KN Kati Niemi forest. After virtually planting your tree, you can find all the information regarding the real tree: the specific details, its location and a link to the tree certificate. We hope you will be as excited as we are about our tree planting initiative that we consider an important step to minimize the damage and in specific carbon footprint of our production methods today. As soon as you make your first purchase, we can start reforesting the planet – making a difference - together!