At KN Kati Niemi we believe that hats are for everyone. Many people seem to be a little shy about wearing hats and have a hard time finding one that fits. We want to prove that there is a perfect hat for everyone, you just need to have courage to try!
KN Kati Niemi includes all sorts of hats from classical fedora hats to easygoing caps and beanies – and everything in between. We offer a wide selection of hats in a broad range of colours to make sure that everyone can find something they like from our collection.
Our hats are made in Italian and Polish family-owned factories and we are very proud of the excellent quality of our products. The materials are top quality; mainly made of virgin wool from Czech Republic and Italian lana cotta wool. You can find the nearest KN Kati Niemi retailer from our list of retailers in the upper part of the page.

KN Collection - Our Story


KN Kati Niemi is a family business and our history with hats goes all the way until the 40’s. Grandfather Alpo used to work as a carpenter and make hat blocks for local milliners as a hobby. He became a very talented block maker and his reputation spread all over the country. Alpo’s son Jorma started selling the blocks made by his father around Finland to milliners and hat shops.
Jorma continued working with hats in his father’s footsteps and eventually decided to start his own company. He traveled to Italy in search of hatmakers and that is how the story of KN Kati Niemi officially started in 1981. The whole family has been working for the company through the years and in 2008 the daughter Kati took charge of leading the business.